TZAFERI 16 wins "2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award" for coworking spaces in Athens.

TZAFERI 16 has been recognized as the best coworking space for Athens "2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award". Members’ Choice Award winners were determined based on the thousands of reviews, votes and opinions collected in a single year from coworking space members worldwide.

"Coworker is excited to announce the winners of the "2018 Members’ Choice Awards" and celebrate the coworking spaces around the world that are making an impact in their community”, said Leanne Beesley, CEO of Coworker. “By putting a spotlight on coworking spaces that are providing a great environment and creating a community for their members, Coworker gives coworking spaces both large and small the ability to shine and attract new members.”

TZAFERI 16: A UNIQUE BOUTIQUE OFFICE, MEETING & EVENT SPACE TZAFERI 16 is the epitome of the modern tendency towards inclusive spaces for work, meetings and events.

You can establish your office here today! Your offices could be the finest and most organized in town and you wouldn’t even have to do anything about it! How? By moving your offices to TZAFERI 16. In an inclusive–exclusive boutique co–working space that you will enjoy sharing with others, while at the same time it will make you feel unique!

Rent an all–inclusive office with all the infrastructure, services and conveniences so that you can devote yourself entirely to your work and not have to worry about setting up, managing, committing to or dealing with the expenses of your workspace.

Here you can get to know creative, resourceful and innovative professionals from various fields and exchange ideas. You can move in temporarily or permanently. You can create, network, plan a new business and participate in events in a boutique co–working space that incorporates a high aesthetic, made to measure for you and unlike any other.

Here you can or host your own events, meetings, presentations or seminars, providing your guests with an unforgettable experience.

TZAFERI 16 provides:

• Fully equipped and serviced office spaces.
• Corporate and private event, lunch and dinner spaces.
• Meeting, presentation and seminar spaces.
• VIP meeting spaces
• Event organisation & production services.
• Concierge services in Athens.
• Rental office/business spaces.


At TZAFERI 16 you can select tailor–made office services to suit your needs. This way you can create the package you want at the price you want. Monthly charges will be negotiated and determined following discussions with you, so do not hesitate and get in touch with us now!


• The size and space layout you need: E.g. private, closed space or open plan offices.
• The number of people: The more people in a team the greater the discount available.
• The services you select: We offer a basic package that includes everything you need so that you can work comfortably at TZAFERI 16.


• Workspace rent.
• Workspace management services.
• Workspace maintenance services (labour, equipment, supplies).
• Workspace cleaning services (labour, equipment, supplies).
• Reception services, handling physical mail.
• IT support for your initial installation.
• Office network (through wireless or wired connection).
• Internet.
• Office furniture (desk, seat, drawers with key, lamp, wastebasket).
• Electric power, water.
• Heating / Air conditioning.
• Free use of the Café with unlimited coffee for you and your guests.
• Free use of the bicycles.


• Use of meeting rooms (with unlimited coffee for you and your visitors).
• Peripheral devices with supplies (printers, scanners, supplies).
• IT support (permanent basic help desk).


You can also avail yourself of a multitude of added services for the development of your business: Marketing, Advertising and Digital Services (website design/management, social media page design/management, etc.), Design Services (Corporate Identity, business cards, stationery, etc.), Market Research, Planning & Strategy Services, Event Organization Services.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday–Friday, 09:30-21:30. Special arrangements can be made for additional days or hours.

MEETINGS/EVENTS SERVICES At TZAFERI 16 you can host meetings, presentations, seminars, events, parties, etc. on an occasional or regular basis.

GROUND FLOOR (Reception, Lobby, the Olive Tree Square, Café):
• Use: Ideal for any large-scale event.
• Capacity: 300 standing.

• Use: Ideal for film projections, presentations, speeches, seminars etc.
• Capacity: 70 seated in an auditorium style layout (+70 when combined with the Café space).

• Use: Ideal for breakfast, lunch, cocktails, dinner etc.
• Capacity: 40 seated (+40 when combined with the Olive Tree Square).

MEETING ROOMS (8 separate):
• Use: Ideal for hosting meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops etc.
• Largest room capacity: 150 seated (in an auditorium style layout).
All meeting rooms include free of additional charges: audio-visual equipment (projector, projector screen, TV, dvd player, amplifier, speakers, computer), flipcharts and filter coffee.

RESEARCH-OBSERVATION ROOMS (2 rooms with their corresponding separate observation rooms equipped with two way mirrors):
• Use: Ideal for hosting Qualitative and Market Research focus groups.
• Largest research room capacity: 15 seated (in a meeting style layout).
• Largest observation room capacity: 10 seated (in a meeting style layout).
All research-observation rooms include free of additional charges: audio-visual & recording equipment (projector, projection screen, TV, dvd player, amplifier, speakers, computer, cameras, microphones), flipcharts and filter coffee.

• Use: Ideal for VIP meetings in a discreet setting with a pleasant southwestern view of Athens.
• Capacity: 50 seated (in an auditorium style layout).

• Use: Ideal for open-air events, breakfast, lunch, cocktails dinner with a pleasant southwestern view of Athens.
• Capacity: 100 seated (+25 when combined with the penthouse).

MEETINGS/EVENTS SERVICES Event organization and production: Full services are provided according to your wishes: event organisation (concept, happenings, production), valet parking, security guards, reception, cloakroom, cleaning, food and beverage service, live music, DJ, sound and lighting equipment, furnishing, etc. TZAFERI 16 catering can amaze you, whether you just want a sandwich, a hearty breakfast, or a gourmet menu from our Chef, who will satisfy the palates of even your most demanding guests.

Concierge Services in Athens: Full services are provided according to your wishes such as organising your stay, transportation, sightseeing, etc.


Kids playing marbles. Students combining revision and flirting. Artists, and architects. Business magnates and street vendors. Intellectuals looking for the museum. Souvlaki with iPhone and sauce béarnaise. Good morning–goodnight, both one and the same. A microcosm of Greece in one neighbourhood. Brimming with life.

In the city centre but outside the perimeter of alternate day traffic regulations. With easy access from Piraeus Street to the Acropolis ring road and the National Highway.

• Kerameikos metro station (Konstantinoupoleos exit): a 600 m walk (around 7’).
• Petralona electric railway station: a 900 m walk (around 12’).
• Benaki Museum: 10 m away.
• Municipality of Athens Technopolis: a 700 m walk (around 9’).
• Acropolis & the Parthenon: a 1.9 km walk (around 30’), 2.5 km by car (around 10’), a total of around 20’ by metro.
• City centre (Syntagma square): a 2.8 km walk (around 35’), 4.2 km by car (around 15’).
• Port of Piraeus: 7 km by car (around 15’), a total of around 45’ by electric railway.
• Eleftherios Venizelos Airport: 36 km by car (around 36’), a total of around 55’ by metro.

And just a step away from a plethora of tastes, drinks, music, enticements.


Next to the Benaki Museum on Piraeus Street, an old cosmetics factory transformed into an endearing space. Who knows? It could be because of the cosmetics that passed through it.

TZAFERI 16 was created for all those who believe that the environment is a decisive factor in how one lives and works. It was created to amaze and inspire, to make it a never–ending feast for the eyes and constant motivation for the mind. Which is why it is full of things that stimulate. As the eyes take in the whole of the inside of the building all the way to the back, one glimpses the belly of an enormous beast whose sides consist of cement columns and massive factory–type beams. And when one looks up towards the high ceiling over the entrance, a circular hole through all the floors provides an uninterrupted view of the top floor.

TZAFERI 16 goes well with suits as well as flip–flops: Here the factory–type austerity of industrial design goes hand in hand with luxury. The smooth, shining transparent surface of the glass softens the rough, matte, impermeable mass of the concrete. Details of black marble and corian rival with bare metallic pipes and visible cables. Emblematic furniture designed by great architects infused with the aura of their creators awaits the next visitor. Mies van der Rohe has been waiting for those who will sit on the “Barcelona” chairs since 1929 as the kings for whom they were designed never did. Mondrian, on the other hand, has been “sitting” on Gerit Rietveld’s “Red and Blue Chair” since 1918. Eero Aarnio has been expanding imagination since 1963 with his “Bubble Chair” and “Ball Chair” and who else but Philippe Starck would dare mess with the “Louis XIV” and fashion it into his “Louis Ghost” armchair.

TZAFERI 16 is the childhood that never gets lost: Its galleries are a reminder of what it was like hiding on the top cot of a bunk bed or a tree house. The table soccer game, the basketball hoop, the billiard table are an irresistible invitation to play. The bicycles at the entrance are an enticement for a quick exit and ride in the neighbourhood.

TZAFERI 16 loves the city as much as it loves nature. That is why it brings the outdoors indoors: A real olive tree, planted in the “Olive Tree Square” inside brings the Mediterranean landscape to urban everyday life. And as a stroll in the street nicely ends with a stop to a Café, the same thing happens inside TZAFERI 16. An inviting Café is waiting for striking up acquaintances and meetings as well as enjoying food and relaxation. As for those who want to feel on top of the world there is always the penthouse, a fascinating space that is very much like an apartment. An apartment where everyone would like to live in Gazi.

16 Tzaferi, 11854 Gazi-Athens, Greece
T.: +30 2103422006

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